About Us


Alan Willson was considered by many of his musical peers to be an expert on the blues musicians who came before him; many considered him as possessing an exceptional ability for connecting musically with the elder bluesmen. His first efforts at performing music publicly came during his teen years with a jazz ensemble he formed with other musically oriented friends from school. In the 1960’s Willson forever changed the world of speaker manufacturing when he decided to create his own path and own legend. He turned to engineer into a form of art and strived for perfection on all levels like no one else. He set the foundation of one of the world’s most astonishing brands. It is the home of “ALAN WILLSON” and where Alan became “Le Patron”. Celebrating a rich and unparalleled 59-year history in 2019, we proudly look back while embracing an even more exciting future whilst continuously living the spirit of Willson.

2018, The Entrepreneur and music enthusiast ANC with his sons purchased the rights to the Alan Willson and founded Alan Willson (PVT) Ltd. However, this company is based in London, England.